Guide to Getting More Real 5 Star Reviews

Building reviews is a major part of expanding your company’s online presence. 

While industries such as hospitality or food service naturally generate reviews both good and bad, other non-public facing industries and those without a brick and mortar presence are less likely to get reviewed.

If your business has virtually no review footprint, it is recommended that you seek out positive reviews, and do so in an as organic way, as possible.

There are a lot of nuances to review generation, including who to ask for them, where to get them, and how to generate them tastefully.

Here is a quick guide to getting more good, real online reviews for your Bay Area based business.

Only ask for reviews from real customers, who you KNOW to be happy.

When customers express appreciation for your work, or you have just over-delivered on your promises, the timing is perfect to approach the subject.

“Would you mind giving us a good review online? It only takes a moment, and helps us stand out online?”

Most people are happy to help, and if you are a member of PreferBay, you can warn them a review email with links is coming their way shortly.

Where is the best place to build reviews? Between Yelp, Google and PreferBay, which is the best place to get reviews?

At first, getting a few reviews at all 3 sites is a good goal, but it can be tricky. The best part of PreferBay is that no account is required to get a review, and if you select the right people to target, you are sure to get a review.

On Google, leaving a review is as simple as having a google or gmail account, which most people are likely to have. Yelp is a bit trickier, and your customers are less likely to have an account, and even if they create a new account, and leave a review, the review is highly likely to be filtered by Yelp, and not factored into your ranking. For this purpose, you should only ask for Yelp reviews from happy customers, who are already registered and active on the site.

If you do have someone that leaves a review and it gets filtered away, you can even ask them to leave a few more reviews on the site to essentially boost their own reputation as a user of the site, and the likelihood future and old reviews will escape the filter. We have seen reviews pop back and forth many times, and while nobody but Yelp knows for sure how the filter truly works, all other things being equal, the person leaving the review being an active member of the site matters on Yelp, but not on Google.

What do you mean by generating reviews organically? 

First and foremost, you should only get reviews from real customers, and never purchase reviews or try to game the system. I’ve seen business owners who reviewed their own business, or had members of their family do the same, probably from the same IP address, which is rather easy for Yelp and Google to detect, so keep it honest.

Generally, spreading out reviews is better than a bunch of reviews posted in quick succession. It is going to look forced if your Yelp profile has been sitting around for a few years, only to see a flood of reviews posted back to back.

Yelp actually recommends that you not ask for reviews, and allow them to happen organically, but very rarely does anything in this world just happen by chance or luck. Some of your competitors are likely to be seeking reviews, and this is one of those cases where “if you can’t beat them, join them” applies. Just make sure you don’t overdo it, when it comes to reviews, a little bit goes a long way.

Joining PreferBay and taking advantage of the Review Generator is the easiest way to seek out more good reviews from real customers, and best of all, you have 100% control of where you ask for the review, who you ask, and when you ask them.

If you are ready to take charge of your review building and empower your staff to do the same, join today.